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The team are volunteers that help by quality assuring draft puzzles, potentially writing their own puzzles, and make suggestions for the site. If you sign up you will receive emails from me with all sorts of things with which I hope you can help but there's no commitment to getting back to me on those emails. If the team begins getting too large then I will not be able to accept all your lovely offers of help (too many chefs...). To help select volunteers I included the "why do you want to help" question.
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In order to help you will absolutely have to have a Google account. Please ensure that this email is the registered email of the Google account you wish to use to help. It can be your school account or a private account (which are free to set up).
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Use of Data and Privacy
Your name, role and institute may appear publicly on the website or on puzzles. Your email address will be shared with other members of the development team but not made public on the site without your express consent. You will receive emails from me concerning Puzzle of the Week but will not receive any further promotions.

All data are stored securely online using Google Drive and you retain the 'right to be forgotten' at any point if you wish to leave and to have your data deleted. If you have any questions or wish to know more about the data that are held by Puzzle of the Week then please visit
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If you are not able to offer consent then I am afraid that you cannot join the development team.
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