Assignment # 16 Your Choice Movie Scene
After watching the movie scene that you selected answer the questions below.
You are to select a 5-10 minute movie scene of your choice.  The movie scene must include music that is from an original score. No Soundtracks will be acceptable.  Go to to confirm whether the movie has an original score. 
Complete the listening form below Keep in mind you can not start and stop the form.
When completing the Listening Assignment listen deep! Don't just write - "It was good" "I love Drums", etc.
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What movie did you select ? Please list movie name and composer.
Why did you select this movie?
What instruments do you predominately hear in your movie? *
What is your first impression of music in your movie? *
Describe the scene from your movie that you selected? *
What is the music telling you in the scene you selected? *
Did you like the music in the scene you selected? Justify your answer. *
What elements of tension did you hear in the scene you selected? *
What elements of relaxation did you hear in the scene you selected? *
What function(s) of film music are being used in your selected scene? *
Justify your answers on why you selected the function(s) in the previous question. *
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