AYPA Prospective Board Member Questionnaire
In the event that you are not already aware, AYPA was formed in early 2003 by a group of nine young professionals living and/or working in Aspen who wanted to network with other young professionals in the Aspen community. We are a non-profit organization 501C3 dedicated to cultivating a young, vibrant, professional community in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley by providing opportunities in business development, networking, and community involvement. We also hope to enhance the quality of life for the area young professionals by providing volunteer and educational opportunities. Here is a link to our website: www.aspenypa.org.

The volunteer board is comprised of 18 individuals who hold different chair positions. Board terms are three years, and we are continuously looking for young and enthusiastic members of our community to join our team.

Here is a list of the board's chair positions:
Email, Events, Membership, Partnership, PR/Marketing, President, Secretary, Social, Sponsorship, Treasurer, Vice President, and Website.

The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 6:00 - 8:00PM. Each board member is responsible for chairing one event, and co-chairing at least one more. We host one event every month and each event has a separate theme ranging from health to sports, history, and art.

If joining the board is something that interests you, please fill out the board questionnaire and send it back to us at your convenience. Once we receive your responses we can get the interview process started.

Again, thank you for your interest in AYPA - this is really exciting and we hope to hear from you soon.
Email *
1. When did you join AYPA? Why?
2. What motivates you to volunteer on the AYPA Board?
3. What do you think you can contribute to AYPA and the AYPA board?
4. What do you expect to gain (personal or professional) by being on the board?
5. Please tell us about your experience around Boards.
6. Describe past experience, if any, planning, coordinating, and organizing group events.
7. Do you have any new ideas for future events?
8. What is your vision for AYPA over the next year/five years?
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