Dance Undergraduate Supervised Teaching Proposal Form - DANC 455
Practical teaching experience under the supervision of a faculty member; weekly conference devoted to evaluation and planning. Teaching areas include major and non-major university courses and classes for community adults and children. 1 to 4 undergraduate hours. May be repeated to a maximum of 8 hours with approval.
* Dance 100 / Lecture Course: Must be of Senior standing in the Dance Department Curriculum and have taken DANC 450 (Teaching Workshop).

* Studio Courses: Must be of Junior or Senior standing in the Dance Department and have taken DANC 450 (Teaching Workshop). Must demonstrate advanced level skills in the area they will assist.

* Creative Dance: Must have Instructor approval and have taken DANC 350 (Creative Dance for Children).
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Attention Undergraduate Teachers
University Policy states that undergraduates cannot assign other students a letter grade. Faculty Instructor/Mentors should consult with their Student Teacher and make sure they are following proper procedures for grading. The Student Teacher must give recommendations on grades to the Faculty Mentor. The Faculty Mentor will then be responsible for entering the grades online at the end of the semester. The Faculty Instructor/Mentor must sign the paperwork and oversee any honors credit for courses that Student Teachers are teaching.
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