Application for the Spiritual Empowerment Academy
Are you ready to receive all the benefits of the Spiritual Empowerment Academy?

Are you ready to work hard to experience your own incredible transformation over the next year?

Are you ready to make the commitment to yourself for this year-long journey?

If so, then please proceed…

The application process required to participate in the Spiritual Empowerment Academy is quite simple. Please review the following questions, follow the instructions, and hit Submit once you have completed all steps. You will receive a response within 72 hours.

Spend some time with this and let your deepest truths come to the surface as you consider each question. This process is the beginning of your journey…
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In what areas do you feel stuck in your life? What’s NOT working for you? *
What do you REALLY want to create in your life? *
Why do you think you haven’t reached these goals? *
On a scale of 0-10, how committed are you to making positive changes in your life? *
What is the cost for you if you stay stuck where you’re at? *
What do you do when you hit resistance and fear? *
Have you ever avoided following your intuition and you later regretted it? Explain. *
Do you feel you are an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP)? Yes or no? Do you have difficulty coping with the energies around you? If yes, please explain. *
Have you had any experiences with any spiritual or paranormal activity that made you uncomfortable? (negative energy, psychic attack, entity attachment, house haunting, curse, etc.) Yes or no? If yes, please explain. *
Describe what have you tried in the past to assist you with your sensitivity or psychic protection issues. Do you feel that it was effective? Why or why not? *
Are you interested in developing your spiritual empowerment? (Your abilities to manage your own energy and sensitivities, discern different kinds of energies, have the spiritual strength to protect yourself, ward off, or clear any potential negative energies, etc.) Explain exactly in what ways you'd like to see yourself becoming more spiritually empowered. *
Have you taken any intuitive/psychic training before? If so, please explain. *
Have you taken any training in energy healing, Reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, chakra balancing, or any other type of spiritual training, etc.? If so, please explain. *
Are you interested in developing your intuition/psychic or energy healing abilities at this time? If so, explain why. How do you think it will benefit you or others? *
How do you feel the Spiritual Empowerment Academy will help you achieve your personal or professional goals? *
The Spiritual Empowerment Academy is a 12-month program. I've created this sacred container (time frame) to enable you to accomplish the deepest growth and breakthroughs that simply would not be possible in a quickie program. Before continuing with this application, please click the option below. *
Which option is the best fit for you? (If your application is approved, payment can be done via a 12-month automatic payment or a one-time full-pay.) *
Do you have any questions for us about the Spiritual Empowerment Academy?
Now that you have completed the application, click the 'submit' button and also SEND AN EMAIL TO to let us know you've submitted an application. *
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