Dark Down Deep Audition Form
Dark Down Deep by Cátia Sofia Cunha, directed by Vinny Eden Ortega
Produced by The Dare Tactic as part of Ignite: New Work Mainstages
Performances April 4-13 at WOW Cafe Theater
Non-equity/ AEA Showcase Pending


February 28th, 5pm-7pm
March 1st, 6pm-8pm

March 2nd, 4pm-6pm

Auditions/callbacks take place at Molloy Studios, Room 408 (50 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY)
Schedule audition appointment by emailing ignitetdt@gmail.com

Please prepare a 30-60 second contemporary monologue or the side below.


For video audition please fill out this form and send a 30-60 second contemporary monologue or record the following side:

“THE FIRST TIME I SEE YOU YOU ARE HOLDING SOMEONE ELSE’S HAND. HER HAND. I think we are alike in this way—streaming and salty and coming in waves with emotions like undertow and subduction. But always we are on opposite sides of the third rail and I can never wrap you in my ungulae. The next time I spotted you she is still holding your hand. And I think how if mine were hers you’d reel back from the slime and the webs of in between my fingers. I burn to lather you with coral and crown you with clown fish. I am a dog after its tail, an angler after its light. Bind you tight with my giant oozing octacles and then you disembark at the next stop. Only hours later when I am embarrassed for some other reason and shove my hands deep in my coat pockets I find your number crumpled with my coat lint and try to call. I wish there had been more curves on the track. I wish my slimy hands could grip a phone to call you. I ride to the end of the line. I wish you had never left me.”


A lovesick sea monster grown tired of murdering swimmers drains the ocean to keep from killing her crush causing herself and her brethren to become trapped in the statues of a subway station. When an especially slimy fiend finds a way to bust out of his stony prison, all bets are off. In his human disguise, he seeks celebrity notoriety and hatches the ultimate revenge plot on his infatuated sibling. A couple’s breakup sets his plan into motion as well as the opportunity for mischief, romance, and the potential to set the sea free again. The waters close over everyone’s heads and a new queen jellyfish will reign supreme.

MÉLIA- Female, any ethnicity, 18-25. A human caught in the dark down deep of her mind. She is not worthy of love. She longs for it. She cannot accept it. She must. Her coyness should not be confused for weakness, she is direct and blunt.

LEE- Female, any ethnicity, 18-25. She's totally into STUD and that's an understatement. She's certain and electrifying. She is a force to be reckoned with.

BICHO- Any Gender, Non-binary or Non-Conforming,18-25. A sea monster in control of the whole ocean. Reformed murderer. In love with MÉLIA. Covered in octacles and razor scales and horns but also talons that feel good to hold. Repentive, perhaps a bit skittish.

STUD- Male, any ethnicity, 18-25. He is a scheming siren who's kind of tired of being a sex object. He speaks with almost a drawl and almost a slur, but he's not drunk and he's not Southern. He is smooth, charming, and cunning.

MONSTERS- Any Gender, Non-binary or Non-Conforming, 18-25. WOMAN OF WAR's subjects who fawn at her feet and who read the stage directions and cause chaos.

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