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Responses on this form help EcoSet manage surplus materials from your production. Please take a moment to fill out this form to help ensure a seamless wrap out process.
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Do you have any renderings, photographs, construction calendars, floor plans, etc. that can be shared?
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The set walls and set construction elements are:
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If you selected "New Construction", how much is going back to the Scenic company?
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If you selected "some of the sets" or "none of the sets", Please describe the surplus materials (including set walls/full sets, set dressing/props, expendables) that will be left after the shoot for EcoSet to manage. *
Will you be generating any construction debris throughout the build and require a roll off dumpster? *
If you answered "yes", what size C&D dumpster do you estimate requiring?
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What trucking and labor is required to remove the sets as reusable elements rather than destroy during the strike? Note: EcoSet does not dismantle sets.
Is there any other information you think we need to know about these sets?
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