Vertex.Market Airdrop
Invite new members until September 6, 2018 (using "add member" Telegram function) to (only those who want and agree to be invited) and get 6 Vertex.Market tokens for EACH invited member!

šŸ† 6 VTEXP = 1.86 USD (i.e. about 0.0045 ETH), for everyone you've successfully invited!

šŸ† Furthermore, the TOP 20 participants will receive a 20% bonus in addition to how many VTEXP tokens they will have earned for invites by September 6, 2018!!

šŸ† And also... Wait for it... The THREE MOST ACTIVE participants will get an exciting ETH bonus!!!
šŸ„‡ 3 ETH for the 1st place in the leaderboard!
šŸ„ˆ 2 ETH for the 2nd place!
šŸ„‰ 1 ETH for the 3rd place!

Join now and invite more and more to earn more and more!

āš™ļø How to Apply:
1. Join by yourself (wow, you're fast, that's already done)!
2. Fill this quick online form:
(You won't receive your reward if you skip this step).
3. Start inviting!

šŸ”„ The more new members you'll successfully invite, the bigger reward. The results will be announced within 1-2 weeks after September 6, 2018.

(You may invite new members using different Telegram accounts. Just fill in the same application form again for your every account from which you are inviting and don't forget to put the same email address as in your previous registrations.

Tokens will be given only to the members found in the group on September 6, 2018, and only for the invited members found in the group on September 6, 2018. Tokens will not be given to or for bot users.)


Thank you very much for your continuous strong support! šŸ’Ŗ We will be happy to reward you generously! šŸŽ

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