Software Saturdays Android Assistants
This is for anyone interested in helping create the course content for the Spring of 2019.
Paid positions are available through the College of Engineering, though there may be a mix of volunteer and paid positions based on merit.

If accepted, you will be aiding in the development of the curriculum for the Spring semester in an Android Development intro for beginners. Whether we use React Native or Android Studio will likely depend on the capabilities of the applicants, and there will be an open discussion if there's a mix.
The current initiative is not to do a mix of both, but if there's initiative and capability, we are open to the possibility.
This also leads into a potential for a Mentor position in the Spring. If you do not get a paid position this semester for some reason, it is likely you would in the Spring, as one of the 'experts' in our Android Development program.

iOS applicants: please realize that we don't have an intention to make an iOS version of this program, but if there are enough capable applicants, we will entertain the option. Fill out the form as if it says "iOS" instead of "Android", please.

Please be succinct with your responses below, but also remember that more is better than less with an application. This is our first look into who you are, after all.
And finally, note that our main method of communication will be through Slack for the semester as well, after Mentors and Assistants are accepted.

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What makes you a good candidate for our Android Aid staff?
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