KityCrylics Customer Survey
Hello! This is a survey I have made to help gauge the satisfaction of my clients and customers.

Please be as honest as you can. Do not feel afraid to leave constructive criticism! I am always looking to improve my customer service skills and the overall buying experience for my customers!
If possible, please do not rush the survey! It's okay if you have to come back to it!

Have you purchased from KityCrylics before? *
How long (approximately) have you been following KityCrylics? *
Where did you first discover KityCrylics? *
If you purchased from KityCrylics, what was a key-factor that encouraged your purchase? (feel free to select multiple)
What would you say is KityCrylics strongest point in comparison to other indie-shops / artists etc? *
What would you say is KityCrylics weakest point in comparison to other indie-shops / artists etc? *
I feel KityCrylics' shipping / packaging is sufficient, safe, minimalist, and affordable. *
I have safely received my orders from KityCrylics (No lost parcels, no damages not caused by USPS, etc)? *
I found KityCrylics' website easy to navigate/use: *
My shopping & customer service experience with KityCrylics' left me feeling more like a friend/family than just another customer (if applicable). *
I enjoy the rewarding feeling of supporting a pre-order/campaign from KityCrylics *
How likely would you recommend KityCrylics to a friend/family/followers?
Not at all
Highly Likely/Actively promote etc
Clear selection
Would you be interested in a free* $5 coupon for your time? ($10 minimum purchase) - If yes, please provide an active email to receive it! Coupon is good for 1 week and can be used on ANYTHING in the shop (INCLUDING pre orders which is rare!)
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