On-Campus Recruiting Request

We are very excited that you have selected Stephen F. Austin State University to market your organization's opportunities to our students! After you have submitted your On-Campus Recruiting Request, you will be contacted by Career Services with specific information regarding your recruiting request. Please allow at least 48 hours to process your recruiting request.

To begin, please briefly familiarize yourself with the Recruiting Policies pertaining specifically to on-campus recruiting tables and promotional materials distribution below, as each representative will be asked to adhere to them. The Recruiting Policies in their entirety can be found on the SFA Career Services Employers' homepage.

    On-Campus Recruiting Table

    An on-campus recruiting table is available for an organization to present information about and recruit for employment opportunities. Generally, tables are in the Baker Pattillo Student Center or in front of McGee Business Building. Recruiting Table Guidelines: - A “Sponsored by Career Services” sign must be prominently displayed on top of the table at all times. This sign must be picked up and returned to Career Services each recruiting day. - Disruption or disturbance of regular academic and institutional programs or other approved activities is prohibited. - Agreement to maintain the cleanliness of the area and assume financial responsibility for loss or damage to property. In addition, if you would like to hand out promotional materials to students, the item(s) must be approved by Career Services prior to the recruiting date(s).

    Promotional Materials Distribution (Petitions and Handbills)

    Promotional materials (ex. flyers, pamphlets, posters, etc.) are a great way for students to know what your organization has to offer! If you would like to post or distribute promotional materials on campus, you are required to have these items approved by Career Services. Promotional Materials Guidelines: - Each piece of literature must be marked with a Career Services stamp to verify authorization. It is the responsibility of the recruiter to stamp each piece of literature with the Career Services stamp, or request an electronic Career Services stamp to place on materials prior to printing. - Placement and distribution of promotional materials is limited to hand distribution, kiosks and some academic buildings. It is up to the discretion of each academic building whether posting will be allowed and/or how they will be posted. - Promotional materials may NOT be posted on vehicles. Please review this policy in its entirety here: http://www.sfasu.edu/policies/petitions-and-handbills.pdf

    Solicitation On Campus Policy

    No solicitation shall be conducted on the grounds, sidewalks, and streets of the campus except by: a. a university agent; or b. a university group. Please review this policy in its entirety here: http://www.sfasu.edu/policies/solicitation-on-campus.pdf