Service Time
Members of the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley are asked to use this form to tell about the service they are doing in and beyond their communities.

When thinking of what qualifies for service, think of the advice of Martin Fox, the chairperson of our Service Committee: "anything Rotarians do on a pro-bono basis - helping others in need without compensation in return."

This could be service for the club (you did a video conference for a speaker), something local (you helped at a food distribution for homeless people), or global (you connected with people online to fund a Kiva project). The service should be something that isn't your regular job.

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Here, add a short description for the service you did.
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This can be the day of the service, or a range (Jan 19th-25th, 2015) that includes the activity/activities you did.
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Tracking time helps us also get a sense of what members are doing. Please put in a number, rounded to the nearest half hour (for example, 1.5 would mean you spent approximately 90 minutes as part of the service).
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