Pre-Order Goodies!
Fill out this form, attach your proof of purchase, and get an adorable bookmark designed by Happy Hello Co and a signed book plate sent to you as my thank you for pre-ordering! This is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you register for your goodies, I'll find a way to get it to you!
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Meet Ben, Abi, Cora, and Jesse!
The boring fine print:
This is open internationally, and to those ordering a print edition OR an eBook. This is not just open to paperback purchases!

You will receive one of four types of magnetic bookmarks, selected at random. Unfortunately I can't take requests on the type of bookmark.

A Google account is required to attach a file to this form. I would love to be able to receive this information through my email, but let's be honest--I'm already behind with my email these days!

I will try my best to ship your goodies to you within 14 days. I live in Jacksonville, FL, so the closer you live the faster it'll get to you. I can't guarantee how long it will take to get to you, especially if you're living overseas.

The first 100 people who use this form will receive the goodies! I can not set a limit to entrants, so this form may be open even if the limit has already been reached. I'll try my best to close entries so this doesn't happen, but I can't guarantee I'll get it exactly.

Your email is only collected to send you confirmation of your form submission, and on the off-chance that the limit has been reached before you submit, I can send you an email letting you know.

Most importantly, I hope you love your goodies!

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