Technical Collaborators Joining Request
COVID-19 Outbreak has taken each one of us by surprise and we are at war with this pandemic, never in our lives we have come across such an ravaging event which has potential to alter how our lives will be in the future. Hence, In these uncertain times we also see lot of people who are dailywage workers, homeless, migrants labours and other deprived sections of the society might go without food for days or even months. We realize our goverment is trying hard as much as it can to provide for them, yet we also understand that goverment cannot do everything and we as citizen should create new solutions with our ingenuity to help our fellow citizens.

Hence, We from Indian start-up world should help, with whatever small or big contribution we can do. Hence, this a call for all the people from tech world who come help us in building the best product so that we serve the community at large. Right now we have started with basic low-tech product, but we want build a best product which gives the most amazing experience to it's users with high-tech product and not just for this COVID outbreak but beyond for such contingencies elsewhere around the world and in any time in future.

This is an "unlicensed product" not an even open-source so any tech developed is free to use by anyone for any purpose be commercial and non-commercial.

Our Github link

Currently we require people on part-time basis, who are experts in

Backend - Node.JS, MongoDB, Redis
Front-end - Angular/Vue.JS/ReactJS
UI/UX experts
Outreach experts - To us help spread our message to the community

Come Join us to Fight this COVID-19 Outbreak
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