For Co-op Shareholders: Update Your Information with UHAB
Use this form to update your HDFC co-op board and residents' contact information. We use this information to let your board know about important upcoming compliance deadlines, funding opportunities, and events. We will never release your contact information to anyone outside of UHAB without your consent.
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Our quarterly print newsletter, Member News, goes out four times a year to one person in every UHAB member building. Would you like a print or digital copy?
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Who in the building should Member News be mailed to? Please include full name and address.
Please fill out this form to the best of your ability so that UHAB can reach your HDFC co-op with important news and announcements.
This form will ask you to choose one primary contact for your building, who will be the first point of contact for UHAB staff. If we can’t get in touch with them in a given moment, we will reach out to your secondary contact.
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Other board members or shareholders
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Building Manager
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What would you like to learn about UHAB in a training or one-on-one conversation?
Are you interested in being interviewed about your HDFC's history and your vision for the future as a part of an oral history project?
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