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Fill in the desired measurements and options, to get a pricequote for your Personalized DUMET Watchmakers Workbench

Units: millimeters, Dimensions between brackets indicate smallest to largest dimensions)

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This form enables you to request a pricequote for a DUMET Watchmakers workbench, or parts of it,
If you have a frame, you can request a quote for only a worktop,
You can also check multiple options to get all the prices.
Width (1260-1500 mm) *
Width of the worktop (worktop surface width, the workbench will be 24 mm wider, because of the sidepanels)
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Depth (630-700 mm) *
Depth of the worktop (worktop surface depth, the workbench will be 12 mm deeper, because of the backpanel)
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Height (900-1200 mm)
Frame Height to the top of the worktop , For an adjustable Frame enter lowest height required
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choose the desired frametype, leave open when only needing a worktop
Height Control
Shelfheight (160-250 mm)
Shelfheight is measured from worktop to bottom of shelf, to put devices like a timegrapher under the shelf
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Air Blower / Vacuüm Brush
Stainless steel "Swan-neck" with compressed air "pencil", Stainless steel "Swan-neck" with Vacuüm brush. Included are: pressure regulator, vacuüm ejector , airlines 6 and 8 millimeter, 8 bar airsupply required.
Screen/Tablet support
Screen, or Tablet support on the back or the side of the workbench, screen wil be mounted on a swiveling head, the tablet support is mounted on an articulated arm. (can be used for USB Microscope or ordering parts from the workbench)
Special Features
If you want special features, like, for instance a rack with containers for parts, please describe here.
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