Password Power-Up Lesson Quiz
Read each question and select or write the correct answer.
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1. Read the following actions. Select the actions that make for a strong password. *
2 points
A good rule?
a. Use letters, numbers, and symbols.
b. Use a word from the dictionary.
c. Tell your password to your parents.
2a. Some of the passwords below are strong passwords that are difficult to guess. Others are weak passwords that are easy to guess and can be compromised or stolen. Read the passwords below and check either Strong or Weak. *
4 points
a) gRe@tj0b
b) Luv2sw!m
c) anna99
d) June111998
2b. Choose one of the passwords from the chart. Explain why you checked ‘strong’ or ‘weak.’ *
1 point
3. Noah created a password with his name and his favorite sport. His password is NoahSoccer. Why should Noah choose a different password? Choose the BEST answer. *
1 point
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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