HCDE GSA Skill Share Survey
Hello fellow HCDE students!

HCDE GSA is planning to hold a few Skill Share Workshops throughout the quarter. These workshops are led by students and aimed to enhance mutual learning within the HCDE cohort.

Please let us know what you want to learn from the Skill Share Workshops and if you want to lead one of our workshops!

Are you interested in participating in a Skill Share Workshop?
What skills would you like to learn through a Skill Share Workshop?
It can be anything, for example: JavaScript basics, portfolio creation, RITE skills, etc.
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Any ideas that can help to make a great Skill Share Workshop?
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What are your preferred dates for Skill Share workshops?
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Do you have any skills that you would like to share with your cohort?
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Are you interested in leading a skill share workshop?
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