Hillcrest High School International Baccalaureate Program
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At Hillcrest High School, we believe that IB is for ALL students. Therefore we work to provide an individualized program for each student who desires to participate. There are three different IB pathways that students can follow based on their own needs, interests, and goals:

Individual IB Academic Courses
The IB Career Related Program (CP)
The IB Diploma (DP)

The IB Program at Hillcrest High School is an open enrollment program. Any student who desires to be part of any pathway can choose to do so as long as the pre-requisites listed for any courses are accomplished. There is no application process for the program, only registration and maintenance standards outlined in the HHS IB General Requirements and Fee Schedule and the IB Disclosure Statement while participating.

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For non-Hillcrest High School boundary students, please complete a CSD Open Enrollment form online: www.permits.canyondsdistrict.org
IB Early Enrollment Deadline is 30 January.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Mr. John Olsen, IB Coordinator

Ms. Su Veenstra, IB Executive Assistant/CAS Coordinator

Office Phone 801.826.6018

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