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This form is to collect up-to-date information on new and current Community Partners and groups who use and are affiliated with the San Jose Peace & Justice Center. This form will provide us with information to put up on our website. Version 12/7/2018
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This can be your mission statement, vision statement, call to action, or whatever is fitting for your group. It will be the "about" text used on our website to describe what you do and who you are.
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Please give us the links to your social media profiles so we can stay in touch better. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
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We require information on 2 people from your organization.
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Regular meeting time
Please let us know when your group typically has meetings even if they are not here.
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If you meet at the Center, there are a couple additional questions. If you do not, thank you for your answers.
Do you have a set of keys to Collins House?
If you hold regular meetings at Collins House (SJPJC), do you want the code to our key box?
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