Community Ally Information
This form is to collect up-to-date information on new and current Community Allies and groups who are affiliated with the San Jose Peace & Justice Center. Please fill out this form to update your information.

As of October 2021, we are asking community groups who use the Center to be on a community advisory committee. Please confirm your willingness to be a member of this new committee. Version 10/28/2021
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We certify that we are interested in joining the advisory committee of the San Jose Peace and Justice Center. *
The advisory committee will meet monthly to start. Then as more groups join, the advisory committee group can help determine the frequency of meetings. Attendance at these meetings is an integral part of being a member of the SJPJC community.
Name of Organization/Group *
Organizational/Group Email *
This is an email address we can share publicly with other organizations and/or individuals when they are interested in your group. If you do not want your information shared, please specify in this response. (We still need 2 personal contacts per organization - see below)
Please write a paragraph to describe your group. This text will be used when we need to describe your organization. *
This can be your mission statement, vision statement, call to action, or whatever is fitting for your group! It will be used when needed.
Mailing Address (if any)
Website (if any)
Social Media
Please give us the links and profile information for your social media platforms. and let us know which platform you prefer to use.
Please provide a link and/or your handle.
Please provide your handle.
Please provide your handle.
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Secondary Contact Name *
We require information on 2 people from your organization.
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Where do you hold your regular meetings?
If you meet at the Center, there are a couple additional questions. If you do not, thank you for your answers.
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Are you interested in volunteering with the Center?
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Thank you for your time!!
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