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Play music in 2020-2021! If you'd like to get on our waiting list for tuition, or to join a performing group, fill in your details below (and you can read all the details later!). For the moment, we're choosing to carry on as if 'live' classes will go-ahead in September 2020, although that's far from certain. If they don't, we can consider online options.


Join the hundreds of children, young people and adults who are learning a musical instrument with the Donegal Music Education Partnership, or learning to sing. Or, if you already play a bit, join one of our ten performing groups.

We offer tuition in a whole range of instruments (see list further on), right across Donegal. It's mostly classical and jazz. We also offer vocal lessons. The cost of a 30-minute lesson, 1-to-1, is €16.30. There are thirty weeks of tuition over the 2020-2021 academic year. You can pay in four instalments - first instalment of €129 and three instalments of €120. Total - €489 (30 x €16.30). For new students there is a non-refundable €30 fee to cover set-up costs.

Most of our students opt for 1-to-1 lessons. Some are in group lessons, with one or two other students. These can work out well for beginners in instruments like violin and guitar in particular. The cost of a group lesson for 30 minutes is €9. Instalments there are €80, €70, €60 and €60. Total - €270.

The fee for joining a performing group is €100. If you join more than one, there's no extra charge.

There are part-scholarships available in instruments we're trying to encourage, like viola and bassoon.


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