Exploring Acrylics
Saturday, February 15 | 1:00 p.m. | Community Room
Presented by: Greta Pastorello

Acrylic paints have been a popular medium among artists ever since their introduction in the sixties. The medium itself encourages experimentation and involvement, which is probably why artists subsequently develop their own unique technique to work with. It can resemble watercolor, gouache, or oil painting depending on how it is used. Come and enjoy a creative class to explore this versatile medium or just practicing your skills.

Bring your own supplies or $5 for a kit (to be paid at the help desk)

Materials required:
*Pencil and eraser *Small basic set of acrylic paint (6 tubes: fundamental colors plus black and white) *2 brushes (small and medium) *Acrylic paper pad (12X9 in) or a couple of sheets of same paper.
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