Spring 2018 8th Grade Study Trip Volunteer Sign Up Form
The Summit Denali 8th Grade is going to visit San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Zoo on Friday, June 1st from approximately 8am to 9pm. We need volunteers to drive and chaperone students for the day.

SFSU Address: 1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132

Summit Denali requires that the driver application paperwork be submitted and checked before you can drive other students. Here is the list of paperwork required. Please submit these forms as soon as possible if you haven't already done it this year. Also, if any of your documents have expired since the camping trip, please provide updates.

Here is an overview of the required information:
-Driver Application (fill out/sign online)
In addition to the form, we need copies of the following documents (which you can attach to the driver application form):
-Insurance (copy of policy showing coverage limits and expiration date) coverage in at least the following amounts:
● $50K for personal injury to, or death of, one person,
● $100K for personal injury to two or more persons in one accident, and
● $50K for property damage;
-Drivers License (copy)
-Vehicle Registration (copy)

You can find the forms online: https://summitdenaliparents.wordpress.com/tool-kit/forms/#drive
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If you have multiple 8th grade children @ Denali, please pick one for this form.
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How many students (including your own) can you fit in your car? *
Every student must have a working seatbelt.
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Let us know if you really want to go on this trip versus if you are willing to go, but if we have enough volunteers you are happy to bow out.
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