Noctis Server Application
Apply to join the "Noctis Fan Server" hosted by the Superstes Noctis crew!
Background Information
Tell us a bit about yourself!
What is your name?
Please enter your first name and at least the initial for your last name.
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What is your birthday?
Providing a false date will get you banned from the server.
What is your email address?
This must be valid for you to receive an acceptance email. We will never sell or otherwise distribute your address, or send you any spam mail.
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What country do you live in?
This is just to tell how much load your login would cause for the server.
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Minecraft and You
Tell us how you play!
What is your Minecraft username?
You must have a legally-purchased Minecraft account to play on the server.
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When did you get Minecraft?
If you can remember, what version did you start playing with?
Which best describes your play style in the game?
What kind of Minecraft player are you most like?
Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft Server?
Be honest; admitting to being banned doesn't mean we'll deny your request outright.
Why should we accept your request to join the server?
We have a limited amount of space for members; why should we choose you?
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Miscellaneous Extra Information
Give us a bit more information
How did you find out about the Noctis server?
How did you first discover us?
How often do you think you'd play on the server?
If accepted, how much would you be online?
Hardly Ever
Why do you want to join the server?
What made you decide to apply?
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Given the chance, would you like to be a part of the Open Beta?
Once the server is ready, we plan on doing an Open Beta period where a few people are invited to play on the server before its official launch. The purpose of this testing period is to make sure everything is running smoothly and complete some final optimizations on the server while stress testing it. If you participate in the Open Beta, we'll be expecting feedback from you on your experience.
Do you have any final feedback for us?
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
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