Ruminate MUN 1.0 : Delegate Applications
Conference Details-

Dates: 31st July & 1st August 2021

Committees and Agendas :

šŸ’  š€šˆšššŒ: Role of social media in Promoting Transparency in an Open Government Era in India
šŸ’  š‚šØš§š­š¢š§š®šØš®š¬ š‚š«š¢š¬š¢š¬ š‚šØš¦š¦š¢š­š­šžšž: Classified
šŸ’  š”ššƒš: Eradication of extreme poverty amid COVID-19 pandemic (ššžš š¢š§š§šžš« š‚šØš¦š¦š¢š­š­šžšž)
šŸ’  šˆš§š­šžš«š§ššš­š¢šØš§ššš„ šš«šžš¬š¬: Journalism/ Meme Council

Training Workshop
Fee: 100 INR for Indian Participants, 1 USD for International Participants

Public Eye Matrix

For further queries & concerns, kindly contact :

āœØ Mr Tushar Malhotra
(Secretary General)
+971 50 919 0362

āœØ Ms Leah Alex
(Deputy Secretary General)
+91 80892 94720
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