Artist inquiries to join the gallery
Thank you for your interest in The Evergreen Gallery in downtown Evergreen, Colorado.

Background: The gallery was first opened in 1987 by Meryl Sabeff, a potter who continues to show her work in the gallery. It is now on its fourth owner, Beth Riser, a fine art photographer.

Artist/Gallery Details:

Artist must live in Colorado.
This gallery is a commission based gallery. 50% to artist, and 50% to the gallery.
There is a 9-mile radius of exclusivity...your work cannot be sold in another establishment within 9 miles.
There is no monthly artist fee.
Artists are not required to work.
Artists must be able to supply inventory regularly and in a timely manner.
Artists are chosen by many factors ... a cohesive body of work that is well made; Will it sell in this gallery? Is it unique to the gallery, not too similar to other artists.

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