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Do you want to Leave the EU without a Deal?
Both candidates for Conservative leader say they’ll take us out of the EU without a deal if they can’t agree a better deal. This will make it harder to travel abroad and every reputable economist has said it will cost British jobs and leave less money for public services.

Let me know your views so I can take them into account in votes in Parliament.
Do you think leaving the EU without a deal will make our economy?
Do you think leaving without a deal will mean fewer jobs in High Peak?
Are you worried it will make it harder to travel in Europe?
Should there be another Referendum before we leave without a deal to confirm it’s what most people want?
If there was a referendum to stay in the EU or leave without a deal, how would you vote?
If the Government refuses Parliament a vote on another referendum, should Parliament vote on whether to go ahead with Brexit or not?
In the 2016 referendum, how did you vote?
High Peak Borough Council has responsibility for council housing, some car parks, parks and leisure, waste management and planning (within strict government guidance). Labour’s new team is deciding our key issues.
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If there was General Elections, how would you vote?
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