HMSA Quarterly Feedback
Are you a 2nd Year Academy Student or a First year? *
2nd Year students are the 10th grade group
Compared to my other courses, my effort in this course was: *
My Attention in this course was *
The objectives for this course were clearly explained *
Coursework is related to other subjects or the real world *
I am given opportunities to demonstrate my learning in a variety of ways *
Homework assigned is relevant to the class *
My teacher helps me reach high expectations *
My teacher shows respect to all students *
My teacher encourages students to think for themselves *
My teacher is knowledgeable about his/her subject area *
My teacher grades my work in a reasonable amount of time *
My teacher makes sure class time is used for learning *
My teacher is interested in and enthusiastic about teaching this course *
I can talk to my teacher about this class *
What is working? What are you enjoying about being in the Academy? What do you like about the course? *
What needs improvement? How can we as teachers make this experience better? Nine weeks into the curriculum, what has crossed your mind as a need for improvement? (Help us make this the best it can be!) *
Benefits of being an academy student include: *
Challenges of being an academy student include: *
Is your mom, dad, aunt uncle or grandparent int the medical field? If yes let us know below.
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