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We do not offer discounts for educational or reseller/distributors for sales less than 5 Chronos cameras.

We cannot generate a quote until we have all the information to accurately account for shipping, administrative fees, add-ons, and accessories.

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Is your organization or entity the end user of the Chronos camera system? *
If you are not the end user of the Chronos camera, you will need to complete an End User Statement ( per the directives of the Canadian government on high speed camera products.If you are a distributor or a reseller, we will also need to complete the End User Statement as well as a Resale Agreement ( If you omit that you are not the end user of the Chronos camera system, you may be denied the sale of a Chronos camera in the future.
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Required for all shipments.
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Is there a Tax ID that you would like to use for shipping and billing?
Shipments landing in the US will need to have a 5106 Import form ( or provide broker information for import of the Chronos camera. There is no exemption from this requirement, the CBP will still need the 5106 Importer ID form on import no matter what tax status you hold.
Do you have any forms that Kron Technologies will need to complete to deliver your order?
Note that if there is documentation that is extensive or requires mailing physical copies, there may be an additional $250 charge to be billed at Kron Technologies discretion. If you do not tell us in advance, Kron Technologies may still bill you for courier fees and labour.
What are your desired shipping terms? *
If you are shipping to the US, we deliver DDP (Deliver Duties Paid) by default. Our shipping terms for international customers is DAP (Deliver at Place [customer is responsible for taxes and duties]) by default. If you are choosing any other terms, we will need courier and forwarder information ASAP after your order has been accepted. Please see our Shipping Policies at for more information.
What payment terms are you requesting? *
Kron Technologies prefers prepayment terms for first time customers. If you require NET terms, you will be required to complete and email a Credit Application to The form can be found at Please note that the Chronos 2.1-HD is ONLY AVAILABLE VIA PREPAYMENT.
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Please note that effective November 1st 2021, the Chronos 1.4 and Chronos 2.1-HD high speed cameras will be subject to a price update. If you are considering buying a Chronos camera, now is the best time for you to purchase at the lowest price possible!
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I have read the Shipping Policies and the Terms of Sale and Usage on the Kron Technologies website ( and I understand my responsibilities as a customer and an importer of a Chronos High Speed Camera.
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