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If requested time is more than one hour, then you must provide Testudo a 15-minute break at the hour mark.
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Street Address, City, State, Zip
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It is important this person is available by phone up to 30 minutes prior to the event. Testudo relies on this person to find the dressing room and a quick briefing of what is expected.
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Testudo must have a PRIVATE ROOM to change. Bathrooms are not acceptable because they are public. Please list the area you will designate to be used for changing and storage of personal items.
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Payment is required 48 hours prior to your event.
Travel Fees *
You will be responsible for Testudo's travel expenses in addition to the hourly rate. Travel costs are determined by mode of transportation and will be communicated if your event is confirmed.
Anticipated Attendance and Guest Demographic *
i.e. number of guests and specific age group (if applicable)
Briefly describe Testudo's role at your Event. *
Submitting this request does not confirm Testudo's attendance. Due to his academic and university commitments, Testudo is unable to confirm appearances more than one month prior to the event date. Upon scheduling Testudo's calendar, you will be informed of his availability for your event. If confirmed, then you will be sent an invoice with the total appearance fee and payment options. Payment must be made 48 hours prior to your event. Event host is responsible to ensure a safe environment is provided for Testudo (i.e. no children hitting or tackling him, water provided if event is outdoors, personal items are secure, etc.). Host will receive one warning and if issues persist, Testudo will leave the event. Testudo reserves the right to cancel appearances due to severe and inclement weather. BY SUBMITTING THIS REQUEST, YOU AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS LISTED WITHIN THIS FORM IN ITS ENTIRETY.
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