Penguicon 2020 Hotel Special Request Form
Please fill out this form if you have any kind of special request for your room this year at Penguicon. Want to be on a quiet floor, need a roll out bed, want to throw a room party? This is your form!

You should already have your room reservation for a king or double reserved with the Westin prior to filling out this form. If your reservation is with another hotel you will need to contact them directly to get your request fulfilled. Penguicon does not have established relationships with anyone other than the Westin.

*We do our best to accommodate all of the requests some items have limited quantities and some request may go unfilled. *

We encourage all parties, even those not open to the con as a whole (private parties) to fill out the form so we can assign rooms appropriately.

If you have any questions please email for room party specific questions email
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