2020 - 2021 - School Year Application
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“Developing the next wave of changemakers, we captivate to educate.”

STATUS: (AT CAPACITY)- No longer Accepting Applications
START DATE: Monday, October 5, 2020 4-6 PM
ORIENTATION: Saturday, October 3, 2020 3 PM - 5 PM (LIVE and RECORDED)
LOCATION: Virtual Platforms & Online Institutes
ONLINE SITE: http://thegemproject.org
CONTACT: 973-506-9275 | project@thegemproject.org

Welcome! We are so that you're considering joining our fellowship. It's a space where youth age 16-24 work on the most pressing issues within their communities. We collaborate on youth-led projects and participate on different forms of actions to address. Please read and completed all required sections of the application. We did have an application question. It is optional to write! You can also video or opt to call on a recorded line to answer your question ahead.

ELIGIBILITY: While we are open to all applicants, preference is given to Newark, New Jersey residence. You must be a current high school or college student to be considered in this program.

Founded in 2006, the Gem Project, Inc. is a youth services 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that has impacted the lives of over 2000 youth and young adults. The Gem Project works to improve high school to college student engagement and on-time graduation, through (1) peer-based mentoring, (2) youth organizing, (3) employment, and (4) social justice initiatives that take on a social justice approach.

Limited stipends will be offered to fellows of up to $500 by term. Awarding at December 11, 2020 and again at June 14, 2021. It's dependent on attendance, project task completion, and availability.

ABOUT APPLICATION QUESTION (Written is optional, can opt to call-in or video):
At end of application, you have an option to answer the questions by essay, video, or skip for a recorded call.The questions are the following: How have you embodied being an agent of change? Regarding your personal skills, what are areas of growth you plan on strengthening and why? What is one social issue you would like to address through your service work as a fellow or after?

PROJECT OVERVIEW| 2020-2021 - Academic Year:
*Fall: October 5-December 12, 2020
*Spring: February 22-June 14, 2021
*Summer: July -August 2021

Picking up where our summer work ended, Fall 2020 Fellows will address recommendations youth from Gem Project gave in summer 2020 demands (http://thegemproject.org/rally2020) last page of their issue brief (demands #2 and #3) to deal with police brutality and school to prison pipeline policies within schools. Through a series of youth-led action plans online Gem Project Central and Gem Project West (two of our online location sites) will a produce a national organizing conference and a form of art activism, with 60 pc art supplies shipped to their homes at no cost.

During Spring 2021 programming centered on career readiness (mock interviews, portfolio building) and mentorship with real employers will take place in preparation for Summer 2021 appointed paid summer jobs earned by our fellows.
Over the year, fellows will be able to:

✳️ EARN up to: 300 Hours/ year in organizing and community service with recommendation letters at conclusion.
✳️ EARN Stipends throughout the year based on availability, attendance, and tasks.
✳️ Work alongside fellows on direct action projects to address REAL community issues (rallies, protests, letters, briefs etc.)
✳️ EARN 30-50 Hours of professional development and training on youth organizing each academic term or period.
✳️ BOOST your social and political consciousness in safe spaces (ie. impact of policies, social issues, etc.)
✳️ LEARN about and participate in the cycle or youth organizing work
✳️ DEVELOP calls to action and DEVELOP systems to hold people accountable
✳️ DEVELOP policy and issue briefs that identify issues by community input, existing data, and/or community engaged research, and community assessment plans
✳️ DEVELOP a digital portfolio, which can highlight strengths and/or career goals, which may be used to
accompany you on interviews in school and work.
✳️ EXPERIENCE post-secondary school options and college readiness planning workshops, while
attending engaging field trips.
✳️ Get it first: Get an early application release of the 2021 The Gem Project Fellow award ($1,000.00) stipend per person and receive notification when the pool opens. In 2020, we awarded $3250.00.

This program and its supplies are free for all accepted students.
Program Schedule: Required Days: 2-3 days/week. Optional Tutoring Services, Provided.There are (2) locations to choose from based on offerings by day. All program days start from 4 PM-6 PM.
Location Preference:
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