1:1 Optimism & Resilience Coaching Program Application
I’m so excited you are considering undertaking a coaching series for yourself! Inviting you into my coaching program is sacred to me. I only work with women who resonate with my work deeply, are ready to do the deeper work, take full ownership of their success and are ready to take inspired action on their vision. Sound good?
Please complete this application to see if this coaching program would be a good fit for us working together. It can take me up to 2 business days to thoughtfully go through your application. Can't wait to learn more about you! ❤
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Have you worked with a mindset or life coach before? If so, how was your experience?
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What questions, hesitations or concerns do you have about joining this program? Please be honest as your answer will help me to know how I can best support you.
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Do you understand and fully accept that your success will be determined by how much you apply and practice the tools, strategies, and skills we explore in the program? *
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