Raw Questions Relevant Answers Seasons 3 & 4
This is a 3ABN program for young people (15-30) designed to answer the heart-issue questions that are hindering their relationship with God. This is not intended to be another theological Q&A program, many great programs like that exist already. In our program title is implied that we are looking for raw questions from young people on real life issues regarding our view of ourselves, our view of God, and our walk with Him. Below are categories of questions for you to ask. The questions you ask will decide what the programs will cover these next two seasons. Please put in your gender, age, and state (province, or country if outside of US or Canada) in each question field, then fill in questions for whatever category applies to your area of interest. This form is for questions only. Please refrain from just stating your opinion in the fields as that is not the function of this form and takes us longer to process the actual questions. Thank you for participating!
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Gender, Age, State *
Church Issues
Sharing Faith/Witnessing
Knowing God's Will
Rules and Regulations
Self Worth
Assurance of Salvation
Growing a Relationship with God
Finding Truth
Leaving Home/Transitioning Into Adulthood
Family Issues
Bad Religion (Hurt by Religious People or Teachings)
Any Other Topic Not Listed
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