Sembrador/a de la Palabra Digna

Join our movement for responsible speech, become a sembrador/a de la palabra digna/sower of the dignified word!

By becoming a sembrador/a de la palabra digna: you are building a network of media monitors, you will also receive information about our upcoming actions or events. Sign-up below.


Our Siembra la Palabra Digna campaign is more than a campaign, it’s a movement, a movement to advance responsible speech in our media that conveys truthful messages about our diverse communities. For far too long poor and communities of color have been on the receiving end of irresponsible speech in our media that does not reflect who they are and irresponsible speech that conveys hurtful messages that have very real consequences.

Siembra la Palabra Digna literally means Sow the Dignified Word, we want media that are sembrando or sowing speech that respects the dignity of every human being.

Siembra la Palabra Digna was started by the Media Literacy Project in the fall of 2010, during a national movement led by called Basta Dobbs to hold CNN accountable for its false reporting on Latinos and immigrant through its Lou Doubs Tonight show. After successfully getting Lou Dobbs off CNN, the most widely viewed news network in the country, we are now working to create policies that encourage responsible speech and to empower everyday people to become critical media consumers and themselves, sembradores de la palabra digna or sowers of the dignified word.

The City of Albuquerque supports the use of responsible speech in the media and commends accurate and fair reporting as well as equal access to counter one-sided irresponsible and disrespectful speech in the media. The city urges local media management to ensure that their on-air hosts and journalists use responsible speech.

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