Find An Excuse... to WIN!
Starting as we mean to go on!

Here we are going to 'make a plan' to give you every chance of success possible.

You know what needs to be done. So layout here for yourself what might interrupt your flow and what you're going to do about it. The most unselfish thing you can ever do is to get your house in order.

We will soon lose all attachment to suffering. We will learn to process pain, rather than using it as an excuse to suffer.

Right now, Pain is ONLY helpful if we use it to instigate change, to EVOLVE.

When the pain of staying the same becomes bigger than the fear of making changes, we are ready:

The thing that is killing you will be the thing that makes you WIN!

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When can you set time aside to work through this process? What does that look like? *
What can you put in place to give you the chance to fully commit? (Ie. childcare, space, time, work schedule) *
Who else will benefit from your healing? (Because your energy is rippling out into the world and everyone you come into contact with.) *
What is more important than you being a healthy contribution to this world? *
What is the biggest thing holding you back? *
How will my life pan out if I continue doing what I have always done? *
How will i feel as I take my last breath knowing I never gave it my all? *
What dreams am I self-sabotaging because of fear of failure? *
Because I am not sharing my gifts freely who else am I depriving that might benefit from me being truly freely me? *
What would I do if I wasn't afraid to fail? *
What do I want to be able to say on my death bed about my life? How do I want to feel? *
Why do I want to heal myself and move on with LOVE in my heart? *
Describe your ideal higher self - the person you would like to become? *
Who else will benefit from your health & happiness? *
What will I do once I am empowered to choose my reality? *
How much chance do I have of changing the past? *
Understanding that it is possible to re-wire the brain, and I am the creator of my life, how much chance do I have of shaping the future? *
THIS IS REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT - Your past pain is not something to feel guilty about. From here on in, you will understand that guilt and shame are not born from love - they are excuses to suffer and rob you of energy and love so you can't take action in the present. The moment you decide to put guilt down, is the moment you can truly start serving the world. The most unselfish thing you can do, is to take care of your inner world. When we are feeling guilty, shameful, bitter and resentful, we are toxic. We have no love to share. We are with-holding love from ourselves and therefore with-holding love from the world. Suffering breeds suffering and love breeds love... You have full permission to set yourself free from these negative feelings! In fact, sharing love with the world is who you are, this is the universal truth. Wherever you are at, whatever you have done, however triggered you get, however difficult the lessons, GUILT is not the answer. Only love can help you transform into the person you are becoming - this requires acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. You are now ready to set your intention to use the old pain as leverage to make changes and to move forward!
WARRIOR ROUTINE! Put on some music that fires you TF up. DANCE like your life depends on it- because it DOES! Find your GRIT! Tap into your determination. Find a physical move/pose that fires you up and makes you feel like a fucking WARRIOR who can do ANYTHING! Shout with conviction your new new truth: I AM FUCKING READY, I AM ALL IN, I AM A WARRIOR, I AM A FORCE FOR GOOD! Repeat, repeat, repeat - choose statements that feel good to YOU- allowing your nervous system to get the message. DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU HAVE LIT YOUR OWN DAMN FIRE!
FOLLOWING YOUR WARRIOR ROUTINE, TELL ME HOW IT FEELS TO BE IN YOUR WARRIOR ENERGY? This is now part of your daily routine. Dancing yourself into an empowered, free, embodied state at least once a day! We're going to train ours nervous system to find our HAPPY! *
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