OLMC Cherub Choir Registration 2023-2024
Hello parents! I'm excited to welcome your child to Cherub Choir. In order to sign up for the choir, could you please take a few minutes to fill out this registration form. ONE FORM PER CHILD PLEASE.

Cherub Rehearsals will take place every Sunday immediately following the 10AM Mass (at approximately 11AM) and run until 11:45AM. Children must be at least 6 years old and starting to be able to read. 

The choir will sing at ONE SUNDAY 10:00AM Mass per month as well as the annual Lessons & Carols in December and one Christmas Mass. A full schedule will be emailed out and handed out on the first day of rehearsals. 

 If you have any questions/concerns or you'd be interested in volunteering, please reach out by text at (714) 724-5577 email ospriggs@olmc.net
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Are there any other medical/learning needs that would require accommodations in the children's choir/Mass setting? (i.e. wheelchair access, dyslexia, etc.) If none, please write NONE. *
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Does your child have any previous music experience (private/group lessons, choir, piano/instruments, school band, etc.) If yes, please tell me about it below and how long they have been involved with the musical activity. 

If no,  please write "none."

**Your answer simply gives me an idea of the musical background of each child. They are still able to join the choir whether they have no experience or years of experience. 
Please MARK any rehearsal days you will NOT be able to attend? All rehearsals will be Sundays from 11:00-11:45AM. 

**Missing 3 or more rehearsals per month will prevent the student from singing at Mass the following Mass**
Parents: I am  seeking volunteers to help with the ice cream station setup on September 10th. If you can help set up at 10:45AM and help run it, please let me know! 
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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