Williams College Host/Server Education Module (2017-2018)
This module is aimed at providing annual training for students and temporary professional staff at Williams College who wish to work as registered Hosts and/or Servers at Williams College events. This training must be completed annually to maintain one's status as a certified Host/Server and must be accompanied by valid online TIPS certification (only to be completed once), and Williams College Bystander Intervention Training (only to be completed once). Much like other positions on campus, those selected to be certified Host/Servers for the academic year are expected to attend regular meetings set by the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and to sign up for needed shifts in order to work events in need of host/server staffing.

To successfully complete this module, please read the material on each page, watch the provided video clips, and complete the questions that follow. Once completed, your score will be graded and you will be informed via email as to whether you have passed or if you must complete portions or all of the training again.

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