Volunteer Application
On behalf of everyone here at aces & aros, thank you so much for your interest in volunteering!

The following application offers us an opportunity to know more about you, your skills, attributes and what you would bring to our team. It also gives you a sense of what matters to us in a volunteer.

The goal of our process is to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Knowing your availability, level of commitment, and ability to complete projects will allow us to be confident that you can help us to increase the scope and impact of our work. On the other side, we want to know what motivates you and how you think about our organization so that we can help to create an excellent volunteer experience for you.

Thank you again for your interest in our work and for taking the time to complete this application with thought and care. We look forward to reviewing it with that same level of thought and care.

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In what ways do you identify with the ace and/or aro communities?
This question will help us figure out which of our projects you might want to work on. It will not have an impact on your role as a volunteer with our organization, and you are welcome to fill out more details in the "other" box or skip this question altogether.
What type of volunteer work are you most interested in?
Volunteers in our organization play two major roles: the volunteers on our projects team are responsible for carrying out the work that makes a direct impact on our communities, while the volunteers on our board help steer the direction of our organization. If you aren't sure which fits you better, we can certainly discuss that after you've submitted your application!
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