A "Virtual" One Starry Night - Event Information
There is no denying that 2020 has turned our world upside down, causing fear, sadness, uncertainty, and lots of changes in our day to day lives. However what we we can be certain about is that Christmas season is around the corner, and the story of Jesus being born in a manger will always stay the same.

Gather your family and friends and start the Christmas season right here with us at PUMC. This year even though we are unable to be together and see your children's excitement as they walk through Bethlehem hearing the story of the night Jesus was born, we are going to bring the story to your children "virtually" in the comfort and safety of their home.

Your children won't just hear about Christmas, they'll see, taste, touch, and fully experience the true meaning of Christmas as they wander through "virtual" Bible-times Bethlehem. Engaging in hands-on activities at every stop and hearing the story of Jesus's birth, will build the faith of moms, dads, and kids alike. Everyone will eagerly experience these stops along the way.

The City Gates: Check in with the Gate Keeper and get a map of Bethlehem and your star stickers you will use to mark your completion of each stop!

Census Tent: Register your family into Bethlehem and learn why Mary and Jospeh made this long journey.

Candle Shop: Children will learn about the season of Advent, and make a candle to use at home.

Carpentry Shop: Receive your Christmas star, and hear about it's special meaning.

Linen Shop: Gather the linens you will use to dress your Nativity pieces. Complete your Nativity pieces at this station. (Jospeh, Mary and Jesus OR The 3 Wisemen)

Bakery: Meet the bakery workers, and learn how to make fresh "bread in a bag" that you can duplicate at home!

The Field: Join the Shepherds in the field as they tend to their sheep, and hear the story of legend of the Candy Cane.

The INN: Check to see if you can get a room… although I hear they may be FULL.

Stable: Listen to Mary and Joseph tell about their new baby and their journey to Bethlehem.

Your child will receive a take home bag filled with goodies for each stop. More information about pick up time for Take Home Bags coming soon. Join us to remember the TRUE reason for the season!
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