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Lead & Earn (L&E) Program – Exists to power communities, parents to become aware, prevent trauma, improve economic and social outcomes, by speaking up, sharing skills, investing time, money in children’s early creativity.

Our approach – We invest, train, motivated and inspired entrepreneurs, skilled mentors and volunteers age 18-30 years, as they invest in 8-18 years old youth.

Women on Change (WoC) 501(C)(3) Partners to empower parents, 8-30 years old youth globally to thrive, by investing in their creativity via mentoring and entrepreneurship endeavors.

Program Goal
-Cultivate an understanding of self-awareness to create what drives you
-Foster problem solving early to lead
-Develop science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) Fluency
-Develop and grow entrepreneurial mindset
-Explore untapped creativity to address unique challenges with evolving tools

Partners we seek
Individuals 18 years old and old | Parents | Community leaders and organizations | Business leaders - locally, regionally – specifically in education settings | Inspired entrepreneurs | entrepreneurs - small merchants | Educators Pre-K-12

Partners requirement
Hosting space | Knowledge of the community | Phone and internet access, when needed | Ability to adhere to WoC’s program guidelines | You or someone else can speaks English or can translate our program to your own language | Can host at least 10-20 youth per month for up to 20 hours of mentoring

Complete the details below to help us understand how we can effectively partner with your community. Feel free to email us with questions about becoming a community partner at Download the full program
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