Mastering Vi Editor
Why don't the characters that I type on my keyboard appear on the Vi screen ?
Why does Vi make it so tough to write anything on Linux ?
Why is it so tough to use Vi ?
Why doesn't Linux have a simple editor like notepad ?

Are these the kind of questions that hover in your mind when you think of Vi editor ?

This formal course on Vi Editor is the best thing that can happen to you.

You will not only learn to overcome these hurdles,
but will witness the immense power of Vi editor,
to make Vi your default IDE for all your programming activities.

My offer to you, is to pay me your fees at the end of the course,
only if you found it useful. No questions asked.

If you are still in doubt as to why use Vi editor in 2017 ?
then read this article :

that explains the superiority of Vi editor in terms of
- least memory consumption
- fastest time to load
- support for easily reading very large size files

Pay me your fees at the end of the course,
only if you found it useful. No questions asked.

See it to believe it
For many of us, we believe only after we see.

This workshop is specifically designed to make you
witness at first hand, the limitless power of Vi editor
Every session will be dedicated to
accomplishing various tasks using Vi editor
Each participant will practically witness
the power of Vi through their own hands.

No doubt, getting comfortable with using Vi [ or Vim ] editor
is the most difficult hurdle for someone who is new to Linux.

This workshop is a complete hands-on program
to take you through this journey of
transforming you
from the one who fears Vi
to the one who loves Vi.

You will not only become comfortable with Vi editor,
but will also learn techniques to master Vi editor.

Who is this workshop for ?
This workshop is specifically designed for you, if you

➢ fear using Vi editor
➢ feel that notepad is much easier to use than Vi editor
➢ spend lot of time moving the cursor in Vi editor
➢ use backspace key to edit words using Vi editor
➢ are new to the Unix/Linux world
➢ developing Unix/Linux software
➢ write automation test scripts
➢ administer Unix/Linux server system
➢ do research on a Unix/Linux environment
➢ are a student doing a Unix/Linux project

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