MukkaMaar (Trainer Application Form)
MukkaMaar is a non-profit organisation that empowers girls through our flagship 3-year MukkaMaar training program. MukkaMaar classes are held twice-a-week (per batch), in public schools, for girls in 6th, 7th and 8th standards, during school hours. Trainers give 18 hours per week of classes, in teams (1 male and 1 female trainer), and teach 8-9 batches (300~350 girls) per week. Your batches may be across 3-4 schools.

JOIN OUR TEAM! Let’s make the world a safer place for women.

Candidates must be:
• 18 to 45 years of age
• Medalist in some martial-arts related sport (Wushu/ Taekwondo/ boxing/ karate/ kick-boxing/ jiu-jitsu/ judo/ muay-thai/ etc.) in District level and above.
• Should be sensitised about gender equality and empowerment of women

1. Fill form
2. Wait for interview calls (1-2)
3. Assignment (Either online or in person)
4. Final short-list
5. Start Trainer Development Program- TDP (15 days- 1 month, total ~40 hours)
6. Pass the TDP, sign contract, final induction and joining.

If you are a Contractor wanting to provide the Candidates,
1. Furnish a contract with the candidate before the Teachers Training of MukkaMaar
2. Your name specified in this form as contractor, or the lack of it, will be deemed as the final declaration of the relationship between you & candidates.
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