World's Largest Lesson & Empatico Fellowship 2.0: Application Form
Thank you for your interest in applying for the World's Largest Lesson & Empatico Fellowship. Please fill out all the questions below. If you have any queries about your application - please email

Please note: Application deadline is 1st November 2019. Good luck!
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Have you ever taught the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) to your students before? Please note - in order for your application to be successful, your students must NOT have learnt about the Global Goals before the Fellowship *
How would you describe the economic background of the majority of your students? *
Ages of the students in the class you would like to participate in the Fellowship *
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For this cohort, teachers must work with 9-11 year old students and have an Empatico account. If you have not yet created your Empatico account, please visit *
If accepted as a WLL/Empatico fellow, I am available to (1) be part of an online learning community, (2) participate in four virtual experiences on the Empatico platform with my students (between mid November 2019 to the end of April 2020), (3) share my experience with peers in the fellowship experience, and (4) complete the teacher and student pre/post surveys. *
Please note your application responses will be shared with both World's Largest Lesson and Empatico. *
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