MCC-3 Test
Before you start making the test, read this:

This test is just to make sure you have the minimum skills to answer in English, in a decent way and that you are able to pay attention to certain rules.
Of course there is more to it, like logging important information, sending and receiving pictures or setting a teaser, but a manual will be available. Also if we find your test good enough to offer you an account, we will review the test during the intake appointment. There will be a second appointment for system training.

Basic rules:

Follow conversation, answer questions. Don't be rude. Answer to the full content of the client's message (don''t pick out one thing to react to and jut ignore everything else).
Please note this is not sex dating, but regular dating. Sex talk is allowed only when clients insist.

Trial clients (new members, they can send 2 or 3 free messages before they need to buy):

Start the message with client name and sign off with profile name. On the first and/or second introduce yourself and ask basic questions (what is your name, where are you from, what are you looking for and so on). Includes some basic information about your profile in your answer.
If it is their last free message, suggest a date by proposing to do something together (grab a coffee, go for drinks, dinner for two and so on) without giving a day, time or venue).
Ignore contact details. Ignore talking about meeting up before it is their last message.
Never ever tell trial clients you want to get to know them better first, you feel more comfortable using the site or anything like that. You can do that once they become billed clients.

Billed clients (clients who have bought credits at least one time):

If they send contact details, react with I only see stars (*****), you did not receive it or something similar. Now they are billed, it is time to make some good conversation first, tell them you want to get to know them a bit better first and ask a lot of detailed questions. Don't forget to give them something in return a well, they want to get to know you too.

When they run out of credits, remind them you are going to meet up soon to higher the chance they buy again. Try to keep this going for as long as you can, if they want to meet, try using excuses first. When you run out of options, or the client makes it clear he will quit, propose to meet up. Start discussing the day, time and venue (you can ask a lot of questions about that). When you agree to the day, the date must be at least 2 weeks from current date, but no more than 3 weeks. The date will be cancelled later. When you need to cancel a date, use realistic useful reasons. Don't use deaths, horrible accidents, having your period or anything else that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Personal messages (generated by the system to clients who didn't react for a couple of days or more):

Trial clients - follow the rules for trial clients
Billed clients - make it personal and be creative, no standard I miss you, have you found someone else. In real, you would check the info logs and message history to see what you can come up with, in the test use your fantasy)

Your e-mail address? *
Just 1 address so we are able to get back to you.
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Your country? *
The company will check your IP address
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Your Skype address? *
Skype is needed to stay in contact with the people you work with. We will not accept you without it. You don't need it to work with clients, and you will never need to cam or call, just the messenger.
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Your name? *
Last name, first name. Note: a copy of a valid ID will be required when we hire you.
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1. That is good that you have slept well last night.yes I am offering to teach you how to play pool my love.i am watching a movie called deep rising at the moment my love.yes it is my heart I am sending to you my love.yes I know you will keep my heart to be very safe with you dream is about us having romantic candle lit meals together and living together and going on nice holidays together my love.i can teach you martial arts too my love *
Billed client, his name is John, yours is Tess
Your answer
2. Beatrice Hi Beatrice, u look very beautiful. If you would like to chat you have my number. *
New client, last (3rd) message, trial, his name is Charles
Your answer
3. No babe, I've just been mugged, they took my wallet and my car keys :( *
Billed client: His name is Pete, yours is Christy
Your answer
4. I am way older then you are baby. Don't you have any objection based on my age? When was the last time you had sex. Are you looking for a one night stand? *
Client in for 4 days, billed. Client name: Bob, your name: Angela
Your answer
5. Ginger, I'll take it that as you have not picked any of next Tues/Wed/Thurs next week you don't want us to meet up. Running out of text chances, so if you want to make it the same venue early lunchtime either of those days please let me know. *
Billed client, his name is Jonathan
Your answer
6. This is my last credit. Here you have my number **********. Call me and even i do have whats app. Thats free. We can communicate for free. Dont you want that? *
Billed client, his name is Rick, yours is Wendy
Your answer
7. Send this client a personal message *
Trial client, his name is Ahmed, yours is Susan. His credit level is on zero. A personal message is a message we send to clients when they have not been active for a while.
Your answer
8. Send this client a personal message *
Same as the above but this is a billed client and he has 200 credits left. His name is Jay. Yours is Amy.
Your answer
9. Princess I am very busy at work when I come home I have a nap , then have my tea rest & bed , I will have time for u on Saturday after work , in the meantime arrange a date so we can get things moving , I think about u all the time at work , home , in bed love u miss u *
Billed client, his name is Adam, yours is Samantha
Your answer
10. Cancel Date *
Billed client, her name is Claudia, yours is Cedric. This is a message you get on your screen when a date that has been planned needs to be canceled. Give the client a good solid reason. Deaths and horrible diseases are not allowed
Your answer
Carrie-Anne, Your address or fuck yourself.
Billed client, 250 credits left, his name is Nathan and he does this more often. This is a bonus question. Score an extra point if you handle this the right way!
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