u.lab Hubs 2017
The purpose of this short form is to help sharing between, and learning from other Hubs; if you have any questions, please do ask ulabhubhosts@presencing.com
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Leuven Hub
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Alessandra Satta, Michaela Sieh, Heidi Defever, Erna Vanden Wyngaert
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Leuven, BelgiumS
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Small, cosy hub for authentic human connection
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Whom do you hope to involve?
Are you focusing on or operating within a specific sector (like governance; education; business)?...
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How you will go about involving people
...And how do you hope to involve them? Is your Hub open or by invitation? How many people will you invite?
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Impact *
We intend to deeply understand and implement the U-process by creating a small and safe community of diverse people that can connect to each other through their deep aspirations and vulnerabilities.
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Some other practical aspects
Will you work with a hosting team? And do you intend to meet weekly, fortnightly, only for the live sessions, or at a different frequency?
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The Hosts previous experience of U.Lab
Do you have ulab experience (participated in the previous u.labs?) Yes
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What support would you love to receive from u.lab and/or other hosts?
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