New Orleans Salsa Bachata Performer Registration Form
Thank you for your interest in performing at the New Orleans Salsa Bachata Festival.

1----> First thing you need to know is that a separate one of these forms will need to be completed for EACH PERFORMANCE. (For Example: I am the Director of a coed team, Team A. Team A will be doing a Salsa routine together. I will fill out one of these google forms for this salsa performance.
Now, the ladies of the team want to do a bachata routine of just them. The men what to do the same. THIS MEANS... I will register each of those performances separately. Ladies Bachata Team, Mens Bachata Team, etc, so altogether that is THREE (3) separate of these forms that need to be submitted. One(1) for each performance.
Similarly.... let's say that Team A (the whole coed team) want to do TWO (2) shows; one salsa, one bachata. Again, I will still fill out TWO (2) of these forms. ONE for EACH performance. As of now, there are no limitations on the NUMBER of performance, but ALL performances should be within the 3-4minute(MAX). There has been a GREAT demand for performer registration, so I highly encourage you to submit a video of some kind t secure your slot early, although not mandatory as of now.

2----> Please understand that this form is a 'LIVING' form. Meaning, once you submit, you should send yourself a copy as it will ask you to do at the end before submitting, and you should be able to go in and edit as necessary. Reason being, we know that some groups aren't exactly sure this far out as to how many shows, exact names of team members, etc. However, in order to get access to the performers passes, you will need to, at minimum, provide names and a rough estimate of the number of performers on your team so that these names may be cross referenced and verified as time goes on. If you need to add or subtract later. That is what I am here for. If you already have all of this information already, GREAT! Once a performance is registered here, you will hear from me (Rubia) shortly after and I will be giving you an access code/ link in order to access your passes.

3) Lastly, I am a mother of a 7 and 5 year old. These.... besides my students, and I tell them the same thing I am about to say here, even though I love them as my own)... these two, are the only children I have. Which means, I am not chasing behind anyone. If I set deadlines, I expect them to be met or you can expect to be cut. No love lost in this statement, please believe that. But one of the reasons we have been successful here in Nola, is because these details. With that, I am not unreasonable either. I understand how life gets sometimes. In these cases, all I ask........ is.... for.... COMMUNICATION.
I can't help with a problem I am unaware of.

First and foremost, I dreamed about this festival for as long as I can recall. My team and I work extremely hard to take care of our artists as a top priority. More than anything, this festival is about VIBES!! I want everyone to have an AMAZING time. And so long as we keep the lines of communication open and work together as a team, as a family (even if strangers and kin only in dance), I have NO DOUBT whatsoever, that this will remain an event unlike all others.

I want you all to come to New Orleans (if you aren't already local haha)... and have the time of your life.
Help me help you experience that is all I am asking.
Our city is unlike anywhere you have every been and I want this festival to be unlike as festival you have ever shared your talents with.

If you all need me, I am always here.

Any questions or issues, email me:
I will be in touch regularly.

Thank you again and Be Blessed!
(Owner, New Orleans Salsa Bachata Festival)
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Performance nights will be considered, but are NOT guaranteed. You and your team should be prepared to perform on ANY OF THE NIGHTS. (Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday). We will finalize performance rosters in mid to late June. PLAN ACCORDINGLY and expect NO EXCEPTIONS! Do NOT register your team if this is a problem for you.
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