SEED D.C Summer School and Camp Registration form 2017
Parents, please complete the form to register your child for the SEED summer program. If you have multiple children, please use a separate form. Final summer school status will not be determined until June 16, 2017. Students will check-out and receive a flyer with their summer school status. The Middle School students are required to attend summer school for English and Math. High School students with a year 1 average of 60-69, in English, Science, Math, or Social Studies) may be eligible to attend summer school. Class offerings for high school are determined by the principal. If you have questions about the summer school program please contact Mrs. Holman-Jones at 202-248-3005 or
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How will your child arrive to summer school or summer camp? *
If you child takes the metro, a shuttle bus will be available to and from the Benning Road Metro Station from 7:30am-7:50am. Students will not be let into the building until 7:45.
How will your child depart from summer school or summer camp? *
If you child takes the metro, a shuttle bus will be available to and from the Benning Road Metro Station from 7:30am-7:50am, 2:00-2:30, and 3:00-:3:30.
“Middle School students must be picked up or off campus by 2:15 p.m. High School students must be picked up or off campus by 3:315p.m *
Students left on campus after dismissal may be reported to the local Child and Welfare Care Agency.
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SEED will not allow unauthorized adults to pick up students from campus.
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Students not attending summer school have the option to attend a non-boarding STEAM camp. This camp will accept the first 30 students that qualify. *
Please note that camps are available for middle school students not required to attend summer school. "Extra Fees May Apply for Trips and Activities*
Summer Policies and Procedures *
1. The Summer Program begins July 5 and ends August 3. Classes only occur Monday-Friday with the exception of July 21th, 28th, and August 4th. Attendance is mandatory for summer school to determine eligibility for student's promotion status . 2. Students cannot have more than two (2) unexcused absences from summer school, or they will risk not passing their class(es) and being promoted to the next grade. 3. Students are required to be in uniform each day. Uniform consists of a SEED logo shirt, khaki pants, shorts or skirt (appropriate length) and any closed-toe shoes. (No flip flops, crocs, or open-toe sandals will be permitted). If students are not in required uniform, they will receive an unexcused absence for the day and will not be allowed to attend class(es) that day. 3. We have a zero tolerance for behaviors that endanger the safety of students and staff members. These behaviors include, but are not limited to: fighting; possessing, distributing and/or using any drugs, tobacco, alcohol, firearms or fireworks; leaving campus during unauthorized times; bullying, or encouraging other students to engage in physical violence toward a student or staff member; audio recording and/or viedotaping any physical altercation between students; damaging private or public property on the way to and/or from campus. These behaviors may result in immediate dismissal from the summer school and/or summer camp program. 4. Attendance during summer school does not guarantee a passing grade for the required summer class(es). Students must meet the mandatory passing grade for each course of a 70% or higher.
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