'Scopes in the City Location Suggestions
Hello! Thank you for your interest in the Adler Planetarium's 'Scopes in the City telescope outreach program. Do you have a suggestion for a location or venue for 'Scopes to appear at in the future? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you!

The fine print: The 'Scopes in the City program calendar is full for the rest of 2019 and we cannot add more dates/locations to our calendar for the rest of 2019. We are accepting suggestions for 2020 and beyond at this time. We give higher priority to scheduling event locations within the city of Chicago, but location suggestions in the suburbs are welcome. We can travel to locations within approximately 40 miles of the Adler Planetarium.

'Scopes in the City is not able to be requested or hired for private (non-public) events. 'Scopes cannot be requested by schools for programs that are only open to students and/or staff. We give higher scheduling priority to events that are free and fully open to the public. If you are not sure if your event qualifies, please ask. Questions can be emailed to scopesinthecity@adlerplanetarium.org.

If you have a specific location suggestion for 'Scopes in the City, please tell us about it here.
Give as much information as you can, such as address, city, state, zip code, venue name, venue type (such as a park, business, library, etc.).
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If you have a specific date suggestion for 'Scopes in the City, please include it here.
If you don't have a date in mind, please narrow down your preference to a specific month of the year. Please note that we cannot accept requests for the following days or dates: Third Thursday of each month, fourth Friday of each month, Fridays from mid-June to mid-August, 2nd or 3rd week in October, Sundays, and major holidays. Also, we are not available on 2/1/20, 3/3/20, or 10/6/20.
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If you have a time block to suggest, let us know.
We schedule 'Scopes for up to 2 hours, in total. During the day, we can view the Sun safely (weather permitting). Our available telescope targets at night will depend on the date and time block requested.
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Please tell us as many specifics about the venue as you can.
Does it have a southeast, south, or southwest facing view? Are there bright lights nearby? Is there a building nearby that we can use in case of bad weather? How much space is available for us to set up a telescope? Are there trees or tall buildings nearby? If so, how far away are they? Is there room for us to set up our 8'x8' tent plus a few more feet for the telescope? Is the setup area on a solid (asphalt, concrete, etc) surface or a natural (grass, etc.) surface?
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Is there a fee that would be paid to the event organizer for 'Scopes to set up at the event?
Please note that 'Scopes in the City cannot appear at events where a fee is required to be paid by the Adler Planetarium to the event organizer.
Is there a fee that the public would pay to take part in the event or program?
We do not accept requests for programs that are not free to the public to attend.
Please tell us about what else would be happening near/at this event location.
Is this suggestion for a location part of a larger event such as a movie in the park, a carnival, a family event, or some other program that 'Scopes would be a part of? Or would the 'Scopes program be the only item on the schedule?
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Is parking for our van available within a block of the setup location?
Can parking be provided at no cost to the Adler Planetarium?
How many people might be expected to look through the telescope during the 'Scopes time block?
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Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about the event location, audience, time, date, etc.?
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