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OR&GC Safety Officers monitor shooting periodically.  They have the right to ask you to leave the club if they observe unsafe behavior!   The following 6 questions come from our safety quiz.  You need to know these answers to shoot any weapon or firearm at our range!  If you do not know the answers please see our safety briefing page and watch a 14 minute video online.  
Treat all firearms as if they are ______________ and always know the condition of your weapon. *
Keep your finger off the _____________ until the sights are aligned and the decision to shoot has been made. *
Never point a gun at anything you do not intend to ____________. *
Know your ____________, what is beyond it, in front of it, to the left of it and to the right of it. *
When going down range to check your targets, your ____________ must be open and all ammunition out of the firearm. *
When anyone is down range checking targets, no one should be at the shooting table handling ____________. *
When you submit this form, you will receive an email with your responses.   Please print the email and mail it to the club with your check or come to the clubhouse with your printed email to receive your 2022 membership card immediately.   Make check payable to: and mail To: Osceola Rod and Gun Club, Inc.Osceola Rod and Gun Club,   Attn: Treasurer,  PO Box 35, Osceola, WI 54020
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